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22 December 2006 @ 01:00 pm
Contest Entry  
Title: Cold as Winter
Word Count: 206
Rating: PG for character death.
Notes: For the contest "From Water to Ice"; AU; a longer take on a sentence from my 1sentence set.

"I have to do this." Her heart beating in her mouth, she knows what she has to do; what she has to give up. She hates the unfairness of it—there is no way to choose otherwise, and even if there was, she knew she couldn’t.

There are so many people she loves that she knows she is about to loose; she is close to breaking down at the thought of giving away all that she has fought so hard to attain.

But then she thinks of all those that need her to be strong now. Her tribe was on the edge of defeat; her friends near helpless without her aid. And her love...her love, more than anyone, needed a light to see by now.

And so she gives her life, not for any one person, but for everyone who had given her strength when she needed it. She knows she wants to return the favor.

But when the banished Fire Nation prince returned to the oasis, all he found waiting for him was her empty form. And as Zuko held his love close to him, ("Please don’t take her from me!") he found that the Princess of the Water Tribe was now as cold as ice.
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