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03 January 2007 @ 06:31 am
Title: Stupid Pillows
Word Count: 422
Rating: PG
Charachters: everyone's favorite fire nation trio~
Notes: For the 'thread and needle' challenge.

“This is so boring,” Mai’s lazy drawl mingled with the other dull sounds floating in the stuffy classroom, “why do we have to learn to sew? This is stupid,” she grumbled again, tugging at the red thread.

“Mai! We’re supposed to be making a pillow, not slippers!” exclaimed Ty Lee, motioning to her own mediocre pillow. “Ms. Ezai says that this is an important skill to learn. And look! You can make little designs, it’s kinda fun,”

“This is a pillow stupid,” she growled, throwing down her project. Turning her focus to Azula, she grimaced. Why did she have to be so nauseatingly good at everything? Then again, this was to be expected. Precise, sharp, clean and thought out. Wasn’t that Azula in a nut shell?”

The princess sighed at her helpless companions. “Ty Lee, you aren’t ever going to get done with that unless you focus on it, and Mai-“ she trailed off, a wicked grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. “Never mind.”

Go jump in a river, curl up in a hole and die. Such words tugged at the mind of the weapons mistress. Then again, interesting stuff did seem to pop up when Azula was around.. better with her then against her she supposed. Giving a dramatic sigh she resumed the ceremonial stabbing of her pillow-case. Sure it wasn’t getting any closer to done, but this was certainly more fun.

“I don’t get why you aren’t doing well at this Mai,” Ty Lee interjected. “I mean, you work with needles all the time!”

“This is different,” she grumbled.

“Don’t bother her Ty Lee, she needs all her concentration,” Azula reprimanded, that evil smile still on her face as she examined her perfect pillow. Mai grimaced and did not take her eyes from her slipper… err, pillow. But they wandered, and looked at Azula’s. Then she spotted it.

“Azula, there’s a mistake,” she said softly. Ty Lee’s eyes widened, and suddenly she had a strong urge to no longer be in the middle of the two. The princesses eye narrowed as she spotted said mistake.

“Ahh how unfortunate. No need to worry Mai,” she said softly yet precisely as she pulled out the crooked stitch, “I wouldn’t expect you to reach my standard,” Mai said nothing, but returned her gaze to where it belonged.

Azula smiled again. Mai thought she understood needles, but it was the thread she ignored. Thread a needle just the right way, and the effects will bend to your will.

Just like people.
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