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07 January 2007 @ 06:46 pm
Contest Entry.  
Title: Embroidered Dreams
Word Count: 400
Rating: G/K
Notes: For the “Needle and Thread” Challenge! Ty Lee- centered. Some OOC'ness.

Embroidered Dreams


“The simple but beautiful art of embroidery is lost on your generation. Why, when I was your age Ty Lee, all I did was stitch and weave to no end. It’s a shame that you spend more time doing your funny little jumping tricks rather than dabbling into the classy arts.”


“Its acrobatics, Mother. And Azula’s family always likes it when she learns a new trick…”


“Azula is a firebending prodigy, and is our princess.”




“End of discussion! Now watch carefully.”


Her mother’s graceful hands punctured the cloth with her needle and pulled out the thread over and over and over again. She was working on a pillow with the fire emblem colored red and black.


Ty Lee never liked those colors. True, she loved the fire nation but there was something about those colors that wasn’t the pink she was so used to...


Her eyes drifted to the window next to where her mother was sitting and gazed outside, wanting to escape the confinements of the walls and play in the grass, and have her hair blow in the breeze. She could almost feel the warmth of an afternoon sun on her back as she flipped and twirled and-


“Ty Lee, are you paying attention?” Her mother’s voice diminished her daydream and the young girl once again found herself staring at the needle working it's way to complete the pillow.


In, out, in, out…


Sometimes she wished she could be like her mother, a normal upper class lady; but is that what she wanted?


Of course, not. She silently said to herself. Normal life is just like stitching, needle in and needle out; the same old pattern. But I want to twist, and turn, and curve and curl. I want to jump from the highest trees and touch the highest clouds. I want to learn the ways of the warrior, the herbalist, the guru; not only the ways of the lady. I want more than this life…



That night a pink silhouette ran across the garden of a well to do house, with a very large rucksack over her shoulder. The girl cart wheeled over the gate and looked back at her home, slightly regretful. She had left everyone she had thought would miss her notes, explaining her absence, but still a deep twinge of remorse panged at her heart as Ty Lee began her journey; to find her calling.


A/N: I don't particualrly think that was well done; but I felt like posting to this community. Looking forward to reading other entries ^^


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