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16 January 2007 @ 07:52 am
Hey! I'm new here, just read the prompt, but seeing as I don't quite have a story written for it yet... :: grumbles :: I'm going to post something that I wrote just a little while ago! I've been into A:TLA for about a week, so I'm not terribly great at writing the characters yet, but I'm improving!

Title: Reflections
Word Count: 520
Rating: PG-13 (for mentions of suicide)
Notes: Read above!

Sokka sat with his knees drawn up to his chin and his arms wrapped around his legs, staring into a small pool of water, a pout placed on his face. His black hair, which was normally pulled back, fell all around his face and into his eyes.


A sense of pain and loneliness emanated from him and it seemed that the world stilled a little in sympathy for him. A single tear fell from one of his azure eyes and forged a path down his cheek, ending by dripping down onto his sleeve.


It seemed to Sokka that he was always the butt of some terrible joke someone was telling. He felt that no matter how hard he tried, he was destined to be hurt over and over again, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, all for the sick amusement of some higher being. It had been that way for as long as he could remember.


Pulling out his boomerang, Sokka stared intently at it, running his thumb carefully across the razor sharp edge. For a brief moment, as all of the terrible things that had happened to him passed though his mind, Sokka considered just ending his suffering, and the suffering of those who had to stand his presence, right then.


As soon as the thought entered his mind, he discarded it, throwing his boomerang onto the ground. His life was tied with the Avatar’s now, and he couldn’t abandon Aang or his sister.


Burying his face in his knees, Sokka began to sob uncontrollably. He was terrified. Terrified of what horrible thing might happen to him next. Terrified that he would ail Aang. Terrified that he might somehow lose Katara. He had already lost so much in his life, he wasn’t sure if he could handle any more.


It was bad enough that he was in a constant state of terror, but his life was son entangled with others that he couldn’t even escape the terror by slipping peacefully into the final sleep.


When his tears finally began to dry, he looked up to see that Appa had come to sit beside him. Looking at the flying bison, a series of memories flashed through Sokka’s mind: all of the fun and adventure he had had with Aang and Katara; all of the love he had found and how truly lucky he had been to receive what he had; and all of the people that had been saved because of his quick thinking.


More tears – this time, tears of pride and joy – sprang to his eyes. He stood up and deftly pulled his hair back to its usual state. He stopped down, picked up his boomerang, and put it back in its sheath.


Placing his hand on the bison’s side, Sokka shed one last tear. Then he hugged the bison tightly, burying his face in the thick fur and whispering, “Thank you, Appa.”


Somewhat puzzled, the beast turned his head and licked Sokka.


Back in the camp they had set up, Katara and Aang laughed as they heard the shouts of disgust coming from where Sokka and Appa were.