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Welcome to avatar_drabbles: An Avatar: The Last Airbender drabble community!

What is a drabble?
A drabble is a short fan-fiction, usually under 900 words or so.

Why drabble?
Drabbles are fun and easy, and also come in handy when you have a quick idea that couldn't be illustrated into a full fan-fiction.

How can I join?
Easy! Just read the rules and then click "join this community"! ♥

1.) Keep the drabbles from 150 words to 700. A little bit over is fine, but nothing above 1000 words.
2.) Use spellcheck and grammar check! We all want to read WELL WRITTEN drabbles!
3.) Pairings are okay to write about! If the drabble you are posting is centered around YAOI or YURI, PLEASE *CLEARLY* state so!
4.) No advertising UNLESS it is an Avatar related community!
5.) NO SPAMMING! I do not want to make this community a moderated post community!
6.) All drabbles should go under LJ CUTS! If you don't know how to make an lj-cut, the code is:
< lj-cut text="Put whatever you want here! A preview to the drabble, the title, etc.! Just TAKE OUR THE SPACES between the angles at the end of this code!" >

Abide by the rules or suffer the consequences!

How to Post a Drabble:

Just post this form:

Word Count:


From time to time, we will have contests to see who can come up with the most creative drabble using a prompt. The prompt could be anything, from "Balloons" to "Sky". When there is a contest, a moderator will announce it by posting a new entry to the journal!